This website started as a sort of general rehearsal for a bigger data project I have in mind. The idea was to use WordPress as a sort of collection management. (You can read more about that on the Documentation page.) At the beginning I chose the collection of my live opera recordings because on one side the quantity of data was manageable – I am a very selective collector – on the other side it provided the opportunity to structure the data output to specific search request like "all works by a certain composer". First I was experimenting with custom fields, later I extended the experiment to custom posts and import-export functions. That’s why I have also included my commercial recordings. (Now I use it as my own reference to find out which recordings I own. Somehow I lost track but it is still mostly opera.)

"Live" means that you cannot buy the recording in a shop. As soon as a recording is regularly for sale, it is no longer labelled as "Live" even it is a live recording like e.g. "Attila – 1980". The right sidebar distinguishes between these two sorts of recordings. The left sidebar doesn’t make this distinction. e.g. "Britten, Benjamin" will show you a list of every item that is in the collection. But there are two ways to recognize if it is a live recording. On the result list live recordings are underlined with a solid line. In the detailed view everything that is categorized as "Live" shows either a video or audio sample at the end.

Just a few words to the categories: I know perfectly well that Paulus is an oratory and the Messe in C-Dur is a mass. Nevertheless they are all categorized as Concert without any subcategories. One can also manage oneself to death.

At one point I was confronted with the fact, that not many composer wrote an opera called Carmen but many composed a requiem not to mention symphonies. At the beginning I included the opus or the catalogue number if possible. Then I realised that it is not very likely someone will look for all 6th symphonies regardless who composed them. (Okay, I once heard of a person who collected every recoding of the Winterreise and I knew a guy who was eager to get every recording of Parsifal. If someone really wants to find out how many 6th symphonies by whoever I possess, please use the composer group tag.) The only exception are the works by Vivaldi. I have quite a few of them, and therefore the RV number is included. If you like Vivaldi, you know what that means, if not you don’t want to care :-).

I would highly appreciate any kind of question and/or constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that I am neither a programmer nor a database developer. I have a degree in theatre studies and this is only an amateur project. Although the provided data are a means to an end, please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, wishes, or suggestions. If you want to know if I sell any of the recordings, the answer is: no. But I am always open to swapping live recordings for personal use.

Maybe you wonder when I am listening to all this: while I am traveling and sketching. You can read more about that here.

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