Terfel, Bryn – Händel Arias – 1997

Composer: Georg Friedrich Händel

Date: 1997

Length: 74 min.

Medium: Mp3


Judas Maccabaeus – I feel the Deity within…Arm, arm ye brave
Arm, arm ye brave
Te Deum in D – Vouchsafe, O Lord
Samson – Honour and arms scorn such a foe
Berenice – Si, tra i ceppi
Alcina – Verdi prati, selve amene
Orlando – O voi, del mio poter ministri eletti
Sorge infausta una procella
Acis and Galatea – I rage, I melt, I burn!
O ruddier than the cherry
Semele – Where’er you walk
Alexander’s Feast – Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries – Behold, a ghastly band
Giulio Cesare – Va tacito e nascosto
Serse – Frondi tenere e belle
Ombra mai fù
Messiah – Thus saith the Lord
But who may abide the day of His coming
Why do the nations
Behold I tell you
The trumpet shall sound

Bryn Terfel – Händel Arias – 1997

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